Bacognize® & Sleep Support

Clinical research indicates that Bacognize® may offer a broad array of benefits for cognitive health linked to major neuroprotective mechanisms including neurotransmitter receptor (serotonin) binding activity. This is thanks to its natural spectrum standardization to specific bacopa glycosides, tested and confirmed for serotonin receptor activity.Bacognize® has 3 human clinical studies and 3 preclinical studies for memory, mood, and focus and can be used in daily life or specifically in sports to help focus without using stimulants.  Clinical research is available from our Bacognize® dedicated page.

Furthermore, research suggests that proprietary Bacognize® extract may help to both promote better quality of sleep and support the regulation of sleep cycles by interacting with serotonin receptors, helping to alleviate stress, and providing antioxidation benefits.

Learn more by reading the new White Paper "Bacognize® & Sleep Support" available in the Bacognize® download area.

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