Golden Omega®: Quality & Sustainability Certifications

With increasing consumer concerns around environment and animal welfare, it is important for LEHVOSS to work with partners that advocate for responsible and sustainable practices.

Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates are produced using ORIVO certified Wild Caught Fish from the South Pacific. The ORIVO seal of approval guarantees the product is made from marine sources and from a specific region.

Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates hold Friend of the Sea (FOS), Dolphin Safe and MarinTrust certifications. These three certifications ensure seafood sustainability, reduce dolphin fatalities caused by fishing, and acknowledge factories that responsibly produce marine ingredients. 

Golden Omega® also holds the Green-e™ certification for using clean, renewable energy. They have built the first seawater desalination plant in Arica to reduce potable water consumption and lead the "Olas Zero Plástico" campaign to raise global awareness about plastic pollution and promote recycling along Chile's northern coast.

Golden Omega is a leading member of GOED, the organisation representing the worldwide EPA and DHA omega-3 industry. GOED’s mission is to educate on the consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s and ensure that their members produce quality products that consumers can trust.

Start your journey to creating top-quality Omega-3 finished products with Golden Omega® today. Using a unique patented concentration and purification technology, Golden Omega® sets the premium standard for purity in fish oil concentrates up to 750mg/g EPA and DHA combined. Additionally, they have earned NSF International GMP certification, verifying their facility's compliance with proper manufacturing methods, equipment, facilities, and controls for dietary supplements.

Visit our dedicated page to learn more or contact us. Enquire about our Fish Oil Softgel Capsules, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and concentrations. This is a quick and easy solution to help extend or start up your Omega-3 supplement line.