PlantNutra®: Boost Your Next Product With Natural Vitamins and more

Our PlantNutra® brand is a range of premium, plant-based vitamins, minerals and other innovative active ingredients. Not only do they deliver outstanding quality, but they also provide added value, offering a host of benefits including sustainability or clean-label attributes.

Explore natural potassium from coconut water powder with the additional benefits, free from preservatives or the need for refrigeration to maintain its stability, and zinc from guava leaves with minimum 3% zinc and tannins and polyphenols naturally occurring in the fruit. To discover more in this range, click here to download our information sheet.

The increasing use of botanical ingredients and the better understanding of their health benefits have led to a greater focus on plant sources for dietary supplementation, making PlantNutra® ideal for today’s growing market. Plus selected ingredients in this range offer EFSA Approved Health Claims related to skin, vision, immune function, muscle function and much more.

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