Why Golden Omega® is the choice for Fish Oil Concentrates

Consider Golden Omega® if you're seeking different possibilities to deliver high quality and sustainable Omega-3 to consumers buying your brand. These Fish Oil concentrates offer high-quality, up to 750mg/g EPA + DHA combined, sourced from pure pelagic fishes processed at a state-of-the-art facility situated in Arica (Chile), the heart of the world's most prolific fishing grounds in the South Pacific Ocean. Certified by Orivo for transparency and traceability, they ensure reliability and excellence.

As a result of Golden Omega®’s unique patented concentration and purification technology, Golden Omega Fish oil concentrates are premium standard in purity: Totox values below 5 meq/kg, contaminants below detection limits, Gardner colour 2 (light clear and transparent oil) and an organoleptic quality unmatched in the market. This innovation can be seen in each of the grades offered.

Moreover, Golden Omega is deeply committed to sustainability, operating on a strategy grounded in four pillars: environmental care, comprehensive development of their team, to promote business ethics and add value to the community. They also boast multiply certifications including Friend of the Sea (FOS), Dolphin Safe, Marine Trust and Green-e™ for their use of clean and renewable energy.

There's plenty more to uncover about Golden Omega®. Explore our dedicated page or reach out to your local sales manager, who is available to assist you. Book a meeting with the team at our Vitafoods 2024 Stand (D80).