Introducing PureWay™ D: The True Liposomal Vitamin D3

PureWay™ D is a premium Vitamin D3, made with authentic Liposomal technology to optimise delivery, absorption, and uptake for superior efficacy. 

In navigating the diverse landscape of liposomal products, the quest for high-quality ingredients is paramount. PureWay™ D distinguishes itself by utilising genuine liposomal technology, Liposomax™. This proprietary process avoids alcohols or solvents, and it is produced with Non-GMO, Vegan, Halal, and Kosher sunflower lecithin, reassuring its quality.

Vitamin D boasts a range of health claims approved by EFSA, including its positive effects on the absorption/utilisation of calcium, phosphorus and blood calcium levels.

Plus the maintenance of normal bones, normal muscle function, teeth maintenance, and normal functioning of the immune system.

The Vitamin D from PureWay™ D is derived from lanolin, a fatty substance found naturally on sheep's wool, and it is standardised to 65,000 – 75,000 IU by HPLC. Discover more by visiting our PureWay™ D (Vitamin D3) dedicated page or contact us.

The PureWay™ Liposomal range is available in Europe through LEHVOSS Nutrition includes PureWay™ B Complex, PureWay-C® , PureWay™ Glutathione, PureWay™ Melatonin, PureWay™ Quercetin and PureWay™ Multi Vitamin).