New Study on Witholytin® Reveals Benefits on Fatigue & Stress

Witholytin® is a sustainably produced ashwagandha extract, standardised to a unique profile of withanolides. Embracing an adaptogenic approach, this premium, branded ingredient is backed by recent research highlighting its remarkable effectiveness in managing fatigue and stress.

In this new published human clinical study (2023), Witholytin® was evaluated in 111 men and women (aged 40-75yrs) with low energy and moderate-to-high stress. Over 12 weeks, participants took a daily dose of 200 mg of Witholytin® twice a day to assess its safety and effects.1

The findings indicated that Witholytin® resulted in a substantial 45.81% decrease in the total score of the Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFS) and a 38.59% decrease in stress levels.

This implies that Witholytin® may provide support for alleviating fatigue and enhancing vitality, particularly among middle-to-older age adults who are stressed, fatigued, and overweight.1

The rising popularity of Ashwagandha has raised concerns regarding adulteration and labelling accuracy. To address these worries, it's crucial to implement strict testing methods and transparent, published methodologies. While Witholytin® undergoes testing following the USP methodology, our partners Verdure Sciences® have gone a step further by creating and validating a UHPLC−PDA method for the simultaneous estimation of 11 withanolides, showing their commitment to responsibility and transparency.

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(1) Smith SJ et al. Exploring the efficacy and safety of a novel standardized ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract (Witholytin®).J Psychopharmacol. Epub 2023 Sep 23. 0(0). doi: 10.1177/02698811231200023