Sustainability Goals for WokVel® Boswellia

LEHVOSS Nutrition is delighted to introduce the Verdure Sciences® Sustainability Report for 2022, highlighting their ongoing commitment to ensuring the sustainability and traceability of WokVel®.

Verdure Sciences® remains dedicated to their collaboration with their trusted manufacturing partner in India, local government authorities, forest officers, and tribal communities. Together, they have embarked on an initiative of planting 30,000 boswellia serrata saplings over a 25-hectare expanse.

As of now, approximately 7,000 trees have thrived, representing the ongoing success of this endeavour.

This partnership extends beyond tree planting as it encompasses the preservation and rejuvenation of these Boswellia trees. This approach not only protects & regenerates these sacred boswellia trees which will in turn, support the tribal families who depend on them to earn a living for generations to come, but it will maintain the trees via reforestation efforts after learning that the forests don’t have sufficient materials to maintain increasing consumer demand.

This is all part of Verdure Sciences® internal mission, Verdugration® and its’ counterpart, Verdure Cares® which aim to bring meaningful messaging to foundational corporate initiatives. “Verdugration®” encompasses sustainable, traceable, and transparent practices for the processes, plants, and planet. “Verdure Cares®” is a subset of the overarching program and focuses on sustainable relationships, partnerships and social impact. From employees, to farmers, cultivators, and harvesters, to distributors and customers, Verdure sciences® aims to forge long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Distributed throughout Europe via LEHVOSS Nutrition, WokVel® is a clean label, clinically researched and sustainable boswellia serrata extract, offering benefits for aging joint support and more.

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