NEW data supports PureSea® benefits for Health & Wellness in Women

A recent nutritionist led study was conducted with the aim to examine the benefits of supplementing with 500mg of PureSea® daily as a natural whole-food source of Iodine. 37 females (aged between 40-59 days) took part over a period of 30 days, reporting their findings via a self-assessment questionnaire.

The results highlighted the significant potential of PureSea® as an ingredient that naturally enhances overall health, with particular emphasis on improved concentration, energy levels, plus hair and skin health.

For more information, click HERE to download our new infographic summarising PureSea®'s benefits for health and wellness in women.

PureSea® is an organic, plant-based, natural source of essential iodine that delivers natural health and wellness through gold-standard sustainable seaweed, sourced in the pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides and carefully processed using proprietary technologies. PureSea® is a well-researched ingredient backed by science, plus many independent studies, and allows up to six different EFSA Health Claims relating to natural iodine source.

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