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NATICOL Fish Collagen

Also known as: Fish Collagen , Marine Collagen , Collagen
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Naticol® is a type I fish collagen peptide, produced by enzymatic hydrolysis. It is a mixture of peptides with various molecular weights including some dipeptides and tripeptides. It is made from fish skin and scales.


The manufacturer carefully selects the raw material and enzyme mixture that generate peptides with targeted biological activities. The nature of the matrix is due to the raw material source, the choice of protease and the extent of hydrolysis which are the three main factors in the production of peptides with targeted biological activities.


Naticol fish collagen is also bioavailable, sustainable and safe. Initial clinical studies have been done on Naticol® to evaluate its benefits on skin and joint pain.


Naticol® is available as a standard powder (high and low molecular weight) or premium granular grade (Naticol® Premium HPMG and Naticol® Premium BPMG). The HPMG and BPMG Premium grades were developed to offer greater advantages to the most demanding customers’ applications. They are microgranulated and present excellent organoleptic properties (odourless and tasteless).

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