GOLDEN OMEGA Fish Oil Concentrates

Distributed by LEHVOSS in: All Europe
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Golden Omega Fish Oils are high quality Omega3 concentrates up to 700mg/g of EPA and DHA combined,  obtained from sustainable sources in South America.

Golden Omega facilities are located in the north of Chile close to Corpesca’s fish oil plants. Corpesca is one of the principal fishing company in Chile and one of the most important worldwide. They are also one of the owner companies of Golden Omega together with Orizon which secures a continuous supply of fresh fish oil manufactured under high quality standards.


Golden Omega range is wide and includes among others the following concentrations, usually available from stock in Europe:

  • 100460, 330230, 400300, 500200, 300200,400100,400200,440120,470190,100500 available in TG form 
  • 170430, 400300,330230, 500200  available in EE form


Golden Omega is part of the Gee Lawson range distributed in all Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition.

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