Product Highlight: NEW Golden Omega® Omega-3 Gummies

LEHVOSS Nutrition are pleased to offer Golden Omega® Omega-3 Gummies to their range of finished product. This delicious, fruit flavoured concept containing high quality Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates comes in a fun teddy bear shape, offering a quick and easy way to enter into the supplement market.

These enjoyable and on-the-go gummies are steadily increasing in popularity because they are easy to take.  They are fun, soft, chewable and tasty, making them appealing to children. Or how about the elderly or people taking multiple medications? These are a great solution as you do not need to swallow them like tablets or capsules.

Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates are a step beyond quality and purity for omega-3s.

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility located in Arica (richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world, in the South Pacific Ocean), it guarantees full control and traceability. This allows for these fish oils to be certified Friend of the Sea, Dolphin Safe and Marin Trust.

For more information, download our Golden Omega® Omega-3 Gummies digital finished product page or contact us.