Performance, recovery time, memory and focus... with our nootropic, plant based, proven ingredients.

Nowadays, active and sports driven people are looking for healthy ways to reach the physical performance they desire while maintaining focus and positivity towards exercise.  Whether your customer is an active person looking to exercise a few days per week or an athlete, LEHVOSS Nutrition can offer some interesting solutions. 

Bacognize®, a patented, science driven, Bacopa extract offers an exciting range of potential health benefits including cognitive alertness, focus and working memory without stimulating side effects. We also offer a high quality, ashwaghanda 3.5% total withanolides, a well-known adaptogenic ingredient.

In a recent research, Vitafiber™ IMO has helped athletes  to maintain workout performance and lessen the perceptions of muscle soreness without resulting in high variability of glucose and insulin levels.

Research on OptiMSM® has been shown to mitigate oxidative stress from exercise and subsequently exercise recovery and performance.

Our plant based, organic vitamins such as B12, Biotin, Folate, and also Zinc and iodine, contribute to normal energy metabolism and cognitive performance and reduce fatigue and recovery time. We also have a range of plant derived proteins, some of which are organic certified.

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