Pomegranate and Carotenoids: The perfect combination for skin health?

In a scientific study, Pomella® pomegranate extract was shown to be effective at protecting human skin fibroblasts from cell death following UVA and UVB exposure while increasing the intracellular antioxidant capacity after UV exposure. Punicalagins and metabolites in Pomella® show potent anti-glycative effects, including collagen glycation.

XanMax®, a unique combination of lutein with varying  levels of zeaxanthin, may contribute in boosting the anti-oxidant body defense system that protects from environmentally induced skin damage.

Recent scientific studies on lutein and zeaxanthin demonstrate their skin photo-protective, anti-photo aging and moisturizing effects, due to the positive up-regulation of collagen, elastin and AQP3 gene expressions.

Furthermore, a recent clinical study demonstrates Astapure® protective ability against UV-induced skin damage and aging and the role in maintaining healthy skin in healthy people. Astapure® is our branded, natural astaxanthin, produced from the Haematococcus pluvialis algae.

Combining these ingredients may result in prevention of skin damage caused by UV exposure while safeguarding the dermis through hydration for healthy skin, especially during summer when it has the most exposure to sunlight.

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(*) LEHVOSS Nutrition is the exclusive distributor of Astapure®  for Scandinavia, UK and Ireland. only.