Recent research has shown that collagen is an ideal protein for helping with recovery from exercise, as it contains the perfect profile of peptides & amino acids, for protein synthesis and muscle repair and it is naturally rich in glycine & arginine. These two amino acids are directly involved in the production of creatine, which is well known for improving athletic performance.


As Naticol® is a pure protein, products can benefit from the EFSA claims about maintenance and/ or growth of muscle mass or /and bone mass, if at least 12% of the energy value of the food is provided by proteins.


Naticol® key advantages:

• Natural Type I fish collagen peptide, from enzymatic hydrolysis, with varied molecular weight to increase bioavailability

• 93-95% protein and a good amino acid profile (14.5%)

• From sustainable marine sources. Produced in Europe.


Furthermore, Naticol® high quality grades HPMG and BPMG can easily be combined with other standard proteins, normally used in sport nutrition. By doing this, finished product formulas might improve in taste (high quality grades are odourless and tasteless) and solubility.  The high protein levels (93-95%), in combination with the anti-inflammatory properties that research shows for collagen, make Naticol® a good candidate to add value to your existing sport nutrition line.


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Gee Lawson is the exclusive distributor of Naticol® for UK & Ireland, Italy and Belgium.

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