Big News! Artificial Intelligence at Unigen Inc., makers of Univestin™

LEHVOSS Nutrition congratulate Unigen who have announced the completion of phase I of its ground-breaking Phyto-AI™ project. The Phyto-AI™ database is an essential part of the PhytoLogix® technology platform at Unigen and is used as a starting point to screen against specific indication targets to discover novel natural actives for nutritional usage and more.

Unigen sees the introduction of artificial intelligence as a natural progression in advancement of their PhytoLogix® platform to collect, analyse and sort the information from all public domains, linked with their own research, to help them to make a wise decision and a quicker commercialisation. 

LEHVOSS Nutrition is the exclusive distributor in Europe for Unigen’s ingredients AmLexin™, Anivestin™, Attenutin™ and Univestin™. These are unique formulations that were discovered and developed through their proprietary Phytologix® Technology Platform which is a database containing comprehensive botanical profiles on over 12,000 plants and more than 15,000 extracts.

For more information, visit our AmLexin™, Anivestin™, Attenutin™ and Univestin™ dedicated pages or contact us.