Longvida® Awarded Certification for Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

Our partners Verdure Sciences® have recently been awarded the Union for Ethical BioTrade/Rainforest Alliance (UEBT/RA) certificate for turmeric & its Sustainable Turmeric Program (STP). The Sustainable Procurement Program (SPP) was established to define, structure, and drive ethical, profitable, sustainable and certifiable initiatives for the plants procured and processed throughout Verdure’s supply chains.

The Sustainable Turmeric Program (STP) is a case study highlighting turmeric sustainability and traceability which began as a pilot program with 5 farmers covering 7 acres and has now expanded to include more than 310 farmers and nearly 640 acres of land, with a goal to expand with additional farmers, acreage and geographical locations.

Through Verdugration® and Verdure Cares®, Verdure Sciences® designed this initiative to encompass the sustainability of their people, plants, and planet allowing them to bring a meaningful message to pillars of their mission.

With over 67 publications, Longvida® has been clinically researched for healthy aging, cognitive & retinal health, exercise recovery, joint health, oral health, vascular support, oxidative stress, systemic inflammation, immune support and more. Several human clinical studies (with a dose of 400mg/day) demonstrate Longvida® efficacy as the Cognitive Curcumin of Choice™, with exciting results in cognitive function and mood only one (1) hour after supplementation.

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