Golden Omega®: Continuing the Sustainability Journey

2022 was another successful year for Golden Omega® on their sustainability journey. For them, being sustainable is more than just a mission statement and they are convinced that putting it at the heart of their activities will help build the culture that the company and world need. This is based on four pillars: environmental care, comprehensive development of their team, ethics in business and add value to the community.

This strategy is aligned with the six United Nations sustainable development goals which include “affordable & clean energy” and “responsible consumption & production”. This is why Golden Omega® have started the construction of a sea water desalination plant which will ensure the continuation of their operation and reduce the consumption of potable water.

Not only that, but in line with their 2025 goal of recovering at least 50% of non-hazardous waste, Golden Omega® have developed a series of processes to recover fatty acids thereby enabling them to sell an equivalent to 31% of the non-hazardous waste disposed of in 2021.

LEHVOSS Nutrition invite you to click HERE and watch the latest sustainability report video from Golden Omega®.

We are the exclusive distributor in Europe for Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates which are pure quality Omega-3s up to 750mg/g EPA + DHA combined, from pure anchovies from the South Pacific (certified by Orivo). The purity of the oil is due to a unique technology, which allows Golden Omega® to remove unwanted compounds in the oil even below EU regulations.

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