PureSea®: Unique DNA authentication, Provenance and Traceability

Trust and traceability is key when it comes to choosing the right ingredient for your next food supplement.

Our partner Seaweed & Co. has developed methods for DNA extraction and authentication of PureSea®, a brand of gold-standard seaweed ingredients, sourced from the pristine and remote Scottish waters.

Each batch of PureSea® is tested to specification for safety, quality and key aspects of nutrition. Furthermore, on-line transparent traceability is available for customers to discover where each batch was harvested, with photographs and maps, certification, unique DNA Authentication, even down to the name of the individual harvesters. 

Scan the following QR code  to see a typical PureSea® batch:

PureSea QR code

In addition to this, research has been conducted on the unique and proprietary processing of PureSea®. Results demonstrated that other algae manufacturing processes are unable to extract DNA due to higher temperature milling which the researchers put down to the denaturing of the DNA. Furthermore, the results below demonstrated a range of features you could benefit from when using PureSea®: 

Features and Benefits PURESEA table

The confidence of PureSea® as an ingredient, and the multiple approved health claims it enables, has led to the use of PureSea® across numerous food and nutrition applications into some of the largest and most well-respected brands globally. For more information, visit our PureSea® dedicated page or contact us.