The Importance of OptiMSM® for Exercise Recovery

Sports activities can build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness but, they also increase the risk of minor injuries and can cause wear-and-tear on joints, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. Active lifestyle consumers strive to improve their performance, but they also need to protect their bodies against injuries and recover quickly after intense exercise, and this is where OptiMSM® can help.

OptiMSM®, offered by LEHVOSS Nutrition is a sulphur-containing food supplement ingredient manufactured in the US, backed by scientific evidence, which demonstrates its ability to improve inflammatory response, reduce oxidative stress and increase performance. In addition to all this, OptiMSM® is certified as Informed Ingredient®, confirming additional assurance as a safe choice for sport nutrition formulas.

A study demonstrated the effects of OptiMSM® (methylsulfonylmethane) on exercise-induced muscle and joint pain. Twenty two healthy males and females (split into 2 groups) participating in a half-marathon, were given either 3g/day of OptiMSM® or placebo for 21 days prior to the race and two days after. Results showed that three weeks of OptiMSM® supplementation attenuated post-exercise muscle and joint pain at clinically significant levels compared to placebo.1

Researchers also examined the effects of Restoridyn® in combination with OptiMSM®. This study investigated the effect of 500-1000mg/day of Restoridyn® with 500-1000mg/day of OptiMSM® for 30-days, on protein inflammatory biomarkers, inflammation-associated RNA, and oxidative stress. The results supported the notion that the combined use of Restoridyn® and OptiMSM® prior to and after a race may result in reduced systemic inflammation and oxidative stress.2

The above studies highlight only a few benefits on the science supporting OptiMSM® for sports and exercise recovery. More data is available on our OptiMSM® dedicated page.  Contact us to learn more.


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2) Gary MA et al. Using dietary polyphenols to manage post exercise inflammation. Inter J Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings. 2019. Vol 2(Issue 11): Article 41.