OptiMSM® benefits for healthy hair & nails this winter!

The days getting shorter and the changes in sunlight duration can cause our hair to look less shiny and feel drier and more brittle.  In addition, the cold weather can also damage our hair causing breakage and split ends.  The cooler temperatures cause our nails to feel thinner, more breakable, and appear duller than during the summer months.

According to research, OptiMSM® when taken regularly over an extended period of time, will deliver strong, shiny, healthy nails as well as improving the condition of our hair and skin. 

Recent studies have shown that there were significant improvements in the shine of hair and nails when participants had taken this for 4 weeks, you can see the details of this study here

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic compound that contains sulphur (also known as ‘organosulfur’), which has been proven to be beneficial for joint health, sports nutrition, and immune function, as well as exerting anti-aging effects. 

LEHVOSS Nutrition offers OptiMSM®, which is a high quality, branded form of MSM manufactured in the U.S. in a single-purpose production facility and purified through a proprietary, multi-stage distillation process.  This process removes impurities by utilizing unique boiling points to isolate the MSM molecules.  Distillation also guarantees a low moisture content, which reduces the risk of micro‑contamination and degradation. 

OptiMSM® is available in two grades: microprill for traditional formulations such as tablets and capsules, and flakes, for ready-to-drink sachets, liquid shots, powder blends and more. 

Remember: small routine tasks such as typing on a keyboard, doing the washing-up or walking outside during winter without gloves can become a grave threat to our nail health.  A great preventive strategy against dry, brittle hair and weak, breakable nails is to bolster them with dietary supplements that contain OptiMSM.  OptiMSM® does not compromise on quality, and neither should you: this is why you should include OptiMSM® in your next formulation.

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