OptiMSM®: Let's Think about Skin Protection

Find out why you should choose OptiMSM® for your next skin health formulation!

Summer time can be a detriment to our skin if proper care is not taken. Ultraviolet rays from the sun and chlorine from swimming pools can have negative effects on the health of your epidermis. UV rays can cause sun damage such as wrinkles, leathery skin and liver spots. 

Sunscreen with a decent amount of SPF can help to avoid this, but MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) may help maintain healthy collagen and inhibit hardening of skin tissue.

In other words, sunscreen helps prevent sun burn and the MSM could hydrate, strengthen, and add elasticity to your skin, during and also after summer.

We know that chlorine strips away essential oils from the skin causing dryness, but MSM could help protect your skin from the effects of chlorine by regulating the expression of DSG3 and AQP3. When properly regulated, AQP3 will distribute hydration throughout the epidermis and prevent excessive dryness.

LEHVOSS Nutrition offers OptiMSM® which is a branded form of MSM manufactured in the U.S. in a single-purpose production facility and purified through a proprietary multi-stage distillation process. This process removes impurities by utilizing unique boiling points to isolate the MSM molecules. Distillation also guarantees a low moisture content which reduces the risk of micro-contamination and degradation. Available in two grades, microprill for traditional formulations such as tablets and capsules, and flakes for ready-to-drink sachets, liquid shots, powder blends and more. OptiMSM® does not compromise on quality, and neither should you! This is why you should include OptiMSM® in your next formulation. 

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