New Study: How potassium rich foods could improve women’s heart health

Features PlantNutra Natural Potassium and PureSea® benefits

“Potassium-rich diets could reduce the negative effects of salt in the diet”, say European researchers, who link this finding with women, who consume high-salt foods. When taking a deeper dive into the research, the team discovered sex differences in sodium sensitivity suggesting that potassium helps preserve heart health in women more than men.

In a recent study published last June, subjects, both men and women, aged between 40 and 79 years old were asked to complete a questionnaire based on lifestyle habits. They were also asked to provide a urine sample and have their blood pressure measured. Having looked at the potassium intake and blood pressure, re-adjusting for age, sex and sodium intake, the results revealed that in women, potassium intake (grams per day) went up and blood pressure went down. In men there was no association between potassium and blood pressure.

Opportunities in food supplements and foods

One way to increase potassium intake and reduce sodium in your diet is through supplements and alternative products. LEHVOSS Nutrition offer from their PlantNutra® range, a plant-based source standardised to potassium (minimum 6000 mg per 100 g on specification) from coconut water powder, which is an innovative way to formulate natural potassium with added benefits such as great solubility and taste and no preservatives or refrigeration to maintain stability. Or how about PureSea® gold-standard seaweed, scientifically validated to be a great alternative to reduce salt from food and increase satiety by  adding all the natural, whole-food nutrients and benefits from this great ingredient. 

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