PureSea®: Optimising cognitive performance for students

There are key nutrients, such as iodine, that are essential when optimising the brain’s capabilities to enhance memory, learning and focus.

Cognitive function is undoubtedly important throughout life, but there are certain times when ensuring optimum mental performance is vital. Groups such as students, who need peak cognitive abilities to achieve success in their studies are a prime example. With a study of European students finding that nearly 40% of the participants were taking or had previously taken at least one food supplement1, there is a market need for brain boosting supplements targeting this demographic, including PureSea®.

PureSea® gold-standard seaweed is a naturally good source of iodine, ideal for including in cognitive and brain health blends to allow for the use of relevant EU approved health claims around cognitive function, energy yielding metabolism and nervous system.

PureSea® is natural, plant-based, organic, kosher, and allergen free. It’s also uniquely DNA authenticated and fully traceable, with every batch measured for iodine levels - evidencing safe and consistent results over many years of production.

Combining the essential nutrition of PureSea® with Vitamin B-complex, PureWay-C® and Bacognize® provides a simple, caffeine-free formula, with additional EU approved health claims around “normal psychological function” and “reduction of tiredness and fatigue”. If you would like to learn more about this formulation concept, please contact your sales representative.

For more information, visit our PureSea® dedicated page or click here to download the PureSea® cognitive review paper.


(1) Sirico, F., Miressi, S., Castalso, C., Spera, R., Montagnani, S., Di Meglio, F. and Nurzynska, D. (2018) Habits and beliefs related to food supplements: Results of a survey among Italian students of different education fields and levels. PloS One, 13(1). https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29351568/