Golden Omega® & Sustainability

Our partner Golden Omega® work hard to contribute towards people’s health, leading the world market for omega-3 and quality, and innovative solutions. In order to fulfil this purpose, they have committed to a sustainability strategy based around four pillars: environmental care, comprehensive development of their team, to promote business ethics and add value to the community.

For Golden Omega®, sustainability is fundamental, therefore they ensure their operations are respectful to the environment and ocean. They always seek those that supply them, develop their activities in a manner that is as responsible as they themselves would be. They use only anchovies from the South Pacific, the richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world, and have successfully been audited by ORIVO to obtain this certification of origin.

Golden Omega® have also obtained the Green-e™ certification for the use of clean and renewable energy in its facility based in the north of Chile, from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). As an active part of the community they seek to contribute to the local environment and population, and were part of the Campaign “Olas Zero Plástico” (Waves Zero Plastic). This was a clean-up activity at the Mouth of the River San José in Arica (Chile), which is the habitat of sea turtles currently in danger of extinction.

We invite you to take a look at how Golden Omega® are actively contributing towards sustainability by watching at their new video – “Sustainability Report Overview” available for you here. We will share more videos and articles about Golden Omega® and their sustainability strategy over the coming News Alerts.

LEHVOSS Nutrition are the exclusive distributor in Europe for Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates which are pure quality Omega-3s up to 750mg/g EPA + DHA combined. The purity of the oil is due to a unique technology, which allows Golden Omega® to remove unwanted compounds in the oil even below EU regulations. The EE concentrates are Gardner colour 2 or below, and the TG concentrates are Gardner colour 3 or below.

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