NEW PlantNutra® Natural Calcium

LEHVOSS Nutrition are pleased to introduce yet another wonderful ingredient under their own brand name PlantNutra®. If it is natural you are looking for, than why not take a look at PlantNutra® Natural Calcium which is a marine calcium form obtained from Lithothamnium calcareum, standardised to minimum 32% calcium and 2.4% magnesium content. It also contains more than 30 different trace minerals (not stated on specification).

Lithothamnium calcareum is a unique seaweed from the family of red algae with a certain special feature in that it has the ability to collect and bind naturally occurring substances in mineral sea water, especially calcium. Over time, the lithothamnium algae turns from bright red to white, with a coral-like appearance.

Our Lithothamnium grows in the North Atlantic, close to Norway and is natural and plant-based, hence it is suitable for vegan food supplement products. Vegan diets require careful attention with essential nutrients such as calcium, which typically will be derived from animal-based diets. 

Also according to research, the human body may absorb calcium from Lithothamnium more efficiently and more naturally than from other forms of calcium.

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