New research: PureSea® vs White Kidney Bean

A new independent analysis compared PureSea® with white kidney bean extract (WKBE) in a model gut system. The study aimed to establish whether PureSea® was more effective at inhibiting amylase activity than other leading ingredients in the market. Scientific research has shown that white kidney bean extract can be effective at reducing amylase activity, which has led this ingredient to have a strong positioning within the ‘carbohydrate-blocker’ market.

The comparison of WKBE and PureSea® in an amylase activity assay found the rate of amylase inhibition by PureSea® to be over 5 times higher than that of WKBE. Furthermore, dose response data demonstrated that PureSea® was significantly more effective at reducing amylase activity than WKBE from concentrations of 1.25mg/ml to 10.0mg/ml.

These findings indicate that PureSea® could be a more effective choice than WKBE at inhibiting carbohydrate breakdown and reducing the rate at which sugar is released into the blood and opens opportunities for further clinical trials. Click here to read more information about PureSea® and its beneficial effects for healthy weight management.

PureSea® delivers natural health and wellness through gold-standard sustainable seaweed and its natural iodine levels also show beneficial effects for energy-yielding metabolism, with a small inclusion allowing for an EFSA approved health claim. For more information, visit or PureSea® dedicated page or contact us.