Understanding the Superiority of PureWay-C®

In published clinical trials, PureWay-C® has demonstrated to be more effective than other forms of vitamin C in multiple key areas. That is because PureWay-C® is the only vitamin C ingredient made using a proprietary fatty acid formulation scientifically researched to increase absorption and retention. Results from the scientific studies show:

- 233% higher retention by the human body than other ascorbate brands.

- 12% higher antioxidants delivered effectively when compared to other ascorbate brands.

- 12x more efficient at healthy neuron stimulation while promoting nerve reiteration.

- 40% faster fibroblast wound healing.

PureWay-C® is manufactured in the USA. It is vegan, allergen-free, GRAS affirmed and Kosher & Halal certified. PureWay-C® is trademark protected which allows customers to benefit from a variety of scientifically validated benefits, which can be leveraged in addition to the approved EFSA claims for vitamin C.  Visit our dedicated page or contact us to learn more.