OptiMSM®: Stress and Immunity

Creating a healthy immune system is vital for addressing stress which comes in many forms, and each can inhibit the immune system’s effectiveness by both decreasing functions and altering the response.

When functioning, the immune system locates and addresses the cause of stress and then responds by signalling tissue repair.

How can OptiMSM® help support immune function?

MSM is a small sulphur-based molecule most well-known for its joint support properties, but research has shown that it is unique regarding mitigating oxidative stress. Several studies have shown that it reduces oxidative damage, increases total antioxidative capacity, and maintains glutathione levels. 

However, it is unique in that it does not itself soak up damaging reactive oxygen or nitrogen species. Rather it increases the capacity of the body’s natural antioxidant pathways. In other words, it doesn’t do the job for the body, it helps the body do its job better.

MSM has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Research indicates it can reduce the expression of the three primary pro-inflammatory cytokines: IL-1, IL-6 and TNF-α.  However, an initial study also suggests that MSM can bolster the immune system against exercise-induced transient immunosuppression. Essentially, when the immune system is causing too much inflammation, MSM can mitigate the response and decrease damage, but when the immune system is suppressed, it helps bolster the response to fight infections. Some research has indicated that MSM can inhibit inflammatory pathways linked to metabolic disorders or chronic stress.

LEHVOSS Nutrition offer OptiMSM® which is a branded form of MSM manufactured in the USA, in a single-purpose production facility and purified through a proprietary multi-stage distillation process. This process removes impurities by utilizing unique boiling points to isolate the MSM molecules. Distillation also guarantees low moisture content, reducing the risk of micro-contamination and degradation.

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