The importance of an early consumption of lutein and zeaxanthin

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A recent overview (2021) by Gazzolo et al., published on Nutrients has confirmed the importance of Lutein and zeaxanthin since early stages in life. The paper aimed to review the anatomical development of the eye and the brain and explore the occurrence and selective deposition of lutein in these organs during pregnancy and infancy and, based on its functional characteristics, show the latest available research on the beneficial role of lutein in the paediatric population.

According to this paper, studies on the eye and brain health and function conducted in a young adult population show the benefits of 10mg of lutein and 2mg of zeaxanthin daily. Maternal supplementation with the same doses during the third trimester of pregnancy resulted in reduced OS (oxidative stress) in the new born that is at high risk since AO (antioxidant endogenous) defence is deficient in new-borns. The paper also mentions that mothers should have an adequate intake of lutein and zeaxanthin to supply her own needs and that of her baby. Higher maternal lutein and zeaxanthin intake or serum level have been associated with potential beneficial effects for visual acuity and cognitive behaviour during childhood. Children with higher lutein and zeaxanthin status reflected by higher MPOD (macular pigment optical density) were found to have better cognitive performance then their low MPOD peers. Details of the full version of this paper can be found here.

Unfortunately, data from food intake studies indicates that women of childbearing potential, breast-feeding women and children do not ingest the amount of fruit and vegetable required to ensure an adequate intake of lutein and zeaxanthin. Therefore adding food supplements containing lutein and zeaxanthin can potentially help bridge the gap.

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