Product Highlight: EpiCor® Pets

In addition to our well-known, clinically researched EpiCor® grade for food supplements, we are pleased to offer EpiCor® Pets for companion animals.

With five (5) studies specifically designed for dogs, EpiCor® Pets is a unique postbiotic ingredient for immune and microbiome support that delivers all the beneficial metabolites directly to the gut.

While prebiotics are the energy for the beneficial bacteria in the gut and probiotics are the live microorganisms that, once introduced into the gut are expected to remain alive to produce the beneficial metabolites, postbiotics deliver straight away the metabolites (produced through fermentation outside the body) to support the pet's overall health. All this, without stability issues or the necessity to rely on the gut microbiome.

Furthermore EpiCor® Pets is natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, it is non-animal derived and has a great palatability.  For more information, please visit our EpiCor® Pets dedicated page or contact us.