New PlantNutra® Natural Vitamin C

We are pleased to introduce under LEHVOSS Nutrition own brand name PlantNutra®, a natural, plant based source of Vitamin C from Acerola. With a high content of natural vitamin C (minimum 30% and verified for authenticity), our ingredient is freeze dried, with no carriers or excipients and produced under sustainable and fair trade practice. PlantNutra® Vitamin C is a great option for vegetarians and vegans and it is available in two different grades: 400 microns for tablets and 250 microns for hard capsules. Visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information. In addition to this ingredient, we offer PureWay-C®, a scientifically proven, proprietary form of Vitamin C. 

The following ingredients are part of our PlantNutra® range:  Natural Vitamin D, Natural Potassium, Natural Iron, Natural Beta-Carotene, Natural Vitamin E succinate and a Natural Green Superfood blend. Discover more…contact us!