New Study: Bacognize® and restorative sleep

A recently published study (2021) with Bacognize®, reported numerous findings in emotional and mental wellbeing, alertness, focus, impact on sleep, stress, and other quality of life markers.

The ability of Bacognize® to help with alertness and focus has been seen in previous clinical studies, including when subjects were under stressful test taking circumstances (Kumar et al, 2016)1. Previous studies also have looked at the mechanistic abilities of Bacognize® to interact on HT1a receptors associated with serotonin uptake. With this knowledge, researchers examined the ability of Bacognize® to act as an adaptogen, modulating the serotonin / melatonin pathways associated with alertness, focus, and a healthy circadian rhythm.

Researchers examined administration of 150mg Bacognize® (twice daily) and its impact on quality of life (QOL) measures, including emotional wellbeing, alertness, and quality of sleep. Eighty-nine healthy men and women aged 18-70 years with self-reported sleep problems showed positive improvements in salivary biomarkers measures with Bacognize® when compared to placebo in all QOL measures (alertness upon awakening, emotional wellbeing, general health, and pain), with positive changes in PM melatonin, decreases in CRP, and trending increase of morning cortisol levels. The ability to improve grogginess was significant. No adverse effects were observed in the Bacognize® group attributed to supplementation.

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(1) Kumar et al. Efficacy of standardized extract of Bacopa monnieri (Bacognize®) on cognitive functions of medical students: A six-week, randomized placebo-controlled trial.Evidence-Based Comp Alter Med. 2016 Sep 15. Vol 2016 (Art ID 4103423): 8pgs. DOI: