Product Highlight: Tinofend® for seasonal allergies

Tinofend® is a proprietary natural Tinospora cordifolia extract standardised to active polysaccharides, with a number of clinical studies showing positive benefits as a natural antihistamine, immune antihistamine and immune and adaptogenic support. Tinofend® extract  is standardized to total bitters and total polysaccharides which, according to research,  has shown potential in supporting a healthy immune response through impacts to the adaptive (learned/remembered response to specific pathogens) and innate (rapid response to microbes/pathogens) immune systems. 

A scientific study demonstrated that Tinofend® significantly decreased all symptoms of allergic rhinitis and stimulated the activity of white blood cells, which regulate the immune response and reduced the number of eosinophils (immune cells that release histamine). Tinofend® offers an innovative, natural, plant based solution for seasonal allergies.

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