Blue Light: AstaPure® and XanMax®

Scientific evidence shows that high-energy blue light reaches deep into the eye and can harm the macula - the region of the eye responsible for highest visual acuity - by promoting the production of free radicals. Short- term effects can cause eye fatigue while long-term exposure can lead to a progressive loss of visual function. Approximately one-third of all visible light, including sunlight, is composed of blue light. Moreover, computer screens, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices emit significant amounts of harmful blue light and excessive exposure can cause eye fatigue, pain, blurred vision, dryness and retinal damage.

LEHVOSS Nutrition suggest XanMax®, a unique combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin in combination with AstaPure®, Natural Astaxanthin for maintaining optimal eye health.

Studies have shown how astaxanthin supports the unique protection for our eyes in combination with zeaxanthin and lutein, providing stronger light absorption across broader wavelengths than the other carotenoids. In fact, a number of studies support the ability of astaxanthin to protect the retina from light-induced damage and suggest that a carotenoid complex which includes astaxanthin could protect the eyes from damage across the entire solar spectrum.1

AstaPure® is manufactured in an entirely eco-friendly closed system, which is fully controlled and totally exposed to the natural sunlight of the Israeli Arava desert. This makes AstaPure® environmentally friendly, natural, safe and unique. XanMax® is the result of a completely integrated process, starting from the seed selection to the finished ingredient and it is the World’s first patented lutein & zeaxanthin combination.

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(1) Sandmann, G. Carotenoids of biotechnological importance. Advances in Biochemical Engineering/ Biotechnology. 2015;148:449-67