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The concept of healthy aging often involves two broad categories. The first one is all about aesthetics and cosmetics. Even as you age, you still want to maintain that vibrant youthful look. The second category largely involves the ability to function normally as the years go on. Old age is associated with a significant decline in muscle, joint, and ligament function. This makes it harder for seniors to maintain a highly mobile and active life. Healthy aging, therefore, aims to maintain that youthful and pleasing appearance, while making sure that any decline in age-related mobility is limited as much as possible.

What health issues affect women differently from men?

Women experience higher rates of muscle and joint decline as they age compared to men. This means that they may require extra supplementation of the nutrients needed to preserve connective tissue. OptiMSM® is one product that can provide these nutrients. OptiMSM®, rich in sulphur, is an important mineral that helps to support and preserve connective tissue in the body. This makes OptiMSM® very effective in supporting overall muscle, ligament, skin and joint health. Therefore, the sulphur-rich content of OptiMSM® may help women feel stronger, look younger, and more beautiful.

Can OptiMSM® protect and preserve aging skin in women?

Scientific research shows OptiMSM® improves health through a few different pathways. First, MSM is a proven bioavailable source of sulphur.  Sulphur is important for several functions including support of connective tissue, skin health, detoxification, immunity, and metabolism. MSM also addresses inflammation caused by stress, strenuous activity, or toxins found in the daily environment.

Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that oral supplementation with OptiMSM® helps the appearance of wrinkles and reduces skin roughness. It also helps to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and firmness. In clinical studies, a daily intake of just 1 gram of OptiMSM® led to visible positive benefits on women’s skin, hair, and nails. There is no doubt the ingredient holds promising results. This is why our partners Bergstrom Nutrition, the company behind OptiMSM® are pursuing additional research in a bid to understand how the supplement can be better tailored to address emerging women’s health issues in the future.

Lastly, studies show that MSM protects the body from oxidative damage by increasing the body’s natural antioxidant capacity so that it can neutralize damaging free radicals. The decrease in inflammation and oxidative stress protects joints, helps the body recover from strenuous activity, boosts immunity, and helps users stay mobile, live, and age well.

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