PureSea® and traceability: unique DNA authentication

PureSea® Seaweed is a range of natural, healthy and innovative seaweed ingredients which is sourced from the pristine and remote Scottish waters. The sustainable wild harvesting is undertaken by carefully selecting the best sites and cutting the seaweed using specialist vessels and techniques (watch a short video here). The seaweed is then dried and further processed in dedicated food grade facilities.

Each batch of PureSea® is tested to specification for safety, quality and key aspects of nutrition. Furthermore, on-line transparent traceability is available for customers to discover where each batch was harvested, with photographs and maps, certification, unique DNA Authentication, even down to the name of the individual harvesters.

In order to see the above, there is a dedicated portal here which you can access by using the following credentials:

Username: LehvossNutrition
Password: PureSea

If you are already buying PureSea® please enter the batch number you have purchased or, alternatively please use batch 072-170221-HAFFG (one of the latest PureSea® batches produced) as an example.

Knowing exactly where your ingredient comes from, how it is harvested and processed is essential to guaranteeing the highest quality and full traceability. Thanks to Seaweed & Co.’s research and accreditation, you can be assured the product is always of high quality, consistency and sustainable supply.

Discover more by visiting our PureSea® dedicated page or contact us.