Product Highlight: Zinc benefits and beyond

Featuring LEHVOSS Nutrition offer on zinc

Zinc is an important nutrient, backed by scientific research and recognized by EFSA to contribute to multiple body functions. Various approved Health Claims link this important mineral to several benefits, from the normal metabolism of fatty acids, macronutrients and vitamin A to the support of the cognitive function,  DNA  synthesis, fertility and reproduction, protein synthesis, maintenance of bones, hair, skin, nails, vision, testosterone levels in blood, immune system and its role in the process of cell division. Therefore getting enough zinc, from early stage in life is fundamental.

A recent study in Poland (Jan 2021) indicated that by following a diet that is rich in zinc and iron, breastfeeding mothers produced milk with a higher concentration of these trace minerals.

The researchers also wrote “results show that maternal diet influences iron and zinc content in human milk, suggesting that adequate intake of food rich in investigated minerals may be a positive factor for their concentrations in human milk”. This study is the first to investigate concentrations of iron and zinc in human milk in correlation with material factors like age, diet and nutritional status.

Furthermore, researchers at the Global Centre for Nutrition and Health at St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge, UK created in 2020 a review, published in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, explaining how deficiencies in different micronutrients may be making us more susceptible to COVID-19 and stated that correction of established micronutrients deficiencies or in some cases assumed subnormal status, has the potential to help support immune function”. The report states that “there is ample evidence suggesting that zinc depletion, also prevalent in high-income nations, compromises immune functions”.

Zinc is actually one of the most abundant minerals in the brain and according to research, plays and integral role in neurological health. Zinc deficiency is related to an increased risk of depression as well as increased feelings of anger and aggression.1 Also, zinc may potentially support the quality of sleep.2 In addition, a recent study (2021) from the Medical University of Białystok in Poland, stated that zinc, copper and selenium could play an important role in boosting the antioxidative status of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

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