Discover Naticol®’s unique mechanism of action

Thanks to the unique manufacturing process for Naticol® fish collagen peptides, which starts from the selection of fish skins containing a high ratio of hydroxyproline (similar to the hydroxyproline found in humans) to the enzymatic hydrolysis where essential amino acid building blocks are broken into smaller parts, Naticol® fish collagen peptides are better and faster assimilated in the body, according to scientific research by our manufacturing partners.

When it comes to collagen peptides, there are two important aspects to take into consideration: the nutritional and biological benefits.

Any collagen will deliver the same specific amino acids, and this is what we call the nutritional aspect. However, it is very important to consider the biological aspect, which means; even if they all provide the same building blocks not every collagen peptide powder has the same biological efficacy.

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