AstaPure®: Benefits of Astaxanthin on Cardiovascular Health

According to data obtained from the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases accounted for 31% of all causes of death in 2016, and they are considered as the leading cause of mortality worldwide. As oxidative stress and inflammation are interrelated and contribute to the initial events of cardiovascular diseases, antioxidants that modulate redox balance, such as astaxanthin, may be considered as important regulators of inflammatory responses and have become the focus of research to evaluate whether and how they prevent these diseases. This has been confirmed by a new interesting study recently published.

A scientific review just published in the International Journal of Molecular medicine called "Antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory mechanisms of action of astaxanthin in cardiovascular diseases" concluded that based on preclinical and clinical evidence, the antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory effects of astaxanthin appear to delay the progression of cardiovascular diseases.

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