New Research shows OptiMSM® potential benefits on liver toxicity linked to high CBD dosages

Liver toxicity (hepatotoxicity) is one of the major concerns surrounding long-term, high-dose CBD supplementation, according to safety data gathered to date. This is especially true when taking prescription CBD products, which tend to have very high doses.

However, a study recently published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences concluded that OptiMSM® had a high safety profile in an animal model when combined with a potent CBD extract during a short period of time. Since CBD is still new to the marketplace, its interactions with other drugs and ingredients are not well researched, which motivated the study.

“MSM is already known to mitigate oxidative stress by increasing glutathione, while we also understand that CBD decreases glutathione,” Igor Koturbash, MD, PhD, Associate Professor at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, who led the study, said “So discovering how CRCE (cannabidiol-rich cannabis extract) and MSM work together to increase glutathione, even beyond what MSM could do on its own, was the most exciting part of this study. Hopefully this will lead to future studies to determine if MSM can be used to prevent or treat toxicity issues that could be caused by high CBD doses.” 

Read more about this research on the full article published on Nutraceuticals World.  For access to the original full study click here.

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