Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates: one-step further, through innovation

Our partners Golden Omega have a new generation of patented processes for purification (second generation stripping) and concentration (selective crystallization) of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, materialized in three international patents (US8258330, US8586772 y US8957231). As a result, Golden Omega fish oil concentrates benefit from very low peroxide and anisidine values (Totox typically 3-5), contaminants below detection limits and Gardner color 2 or below. In fact, theses results can be seen and tested in each of their EE and TG ingredients, which supports the statement “quality you can see”.

Furthermore, Golden Omega’s production technologies utilise 100% renewable energy. Golden Omega is more than ever committed to sustainable principles, such as the development and implementation of efficient eco-friendly technologies and operations, fair labour practices and community engagement.

Download here the latest Golden Omega product range, which includes also the three available grades of Gotab, Omega-3 powder for tablets.

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