Our 360-Degree Ingredient View on Immune, Eye and Cognitive support

Like you, we need our customers to keep well, and this goes beyond immunity. Eye health support, cognitive health, focus and mood support and exercise recovery are additional aspects of our daily life, which now more than ever become key.

With most of our time now spent at home and in front of a computer, our eyes are increasingly exposed to monitors and other devices. Cognitive well-being becomes challenging if opportunities for social contact, hobbies and travelling are less than what we are used to or non- existence.

Exercising becomes not only a good reason to keep the body fit but a key activity to take care of ourselves and help the mind to become more relaxed and less stressed. However, exercising can be challenging if the body is not used to it or it is not part of a routine.

We at LEHVOSS Nutrition have researched some of our science driven ingredients and combinations to offer an overview on how they can help you in your new formulations.

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