Find the right balance for better immune support with EpiCor®

Nowadays, it is all about finding the right balance for optimal immune support. With more than 15 published studies (8 human clinical trials) EpiCor® has demonstrated its ability to support the immune system (rapid response and prolonged support) without overstimulation and while modulating the gut microbiome.


EpiCor® is the first and only fermentate with a unique metabolite and nutrient fingerprint composition, with nothing extracted during or after the fermentation process. This offers numerous benefits of a multi-active ingredient composition, difficult to match with a single active ingredient. 

Furthermore, EpiCor® works through the gut to strengthen the immune system so there is no need to overcome the challenge of gut colonization or relying on resident gut microflora to benefit from its immune support.

In a human published clinical research, EpiCor® demonstrated that serum antioxidant protection increased within one hour and reached statistical significance within two hours of consumption. There was also a significant increase in Natural Killer (NK) cell activity within two hours of consumption. These rapid responses complement the modulatory effects of EpiCor® (that may take two to four weeks for its effects to be fully achieved) with some very rapid beneficial effects on the immune system.

In addition, EpiCor®’s recommended, clinically supported daily dose is 500mg, allowing combination with other active ingredients.  All the benefits mentioned above make EpiCor® the right choice for a well-balanced prolonged immune support option.

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