New research: Iodine supplementation to boots iodine levels in post-pregnancy women

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Iodine status in pregnant and post-partum women is insufficient according to a new Norwegian study, which reveals it takes around 18 months before levels reach adequate levels achieved in pregnancy.

The new study found iodine status at its lowest in women six weeks post-partum, with milk and iodine supplements proving effective at raising iodine levels. For more about this article click here

Despite the essential nature of the nutrient, several studies show deficiency across European populations generally, and with pregnant women specifically.  Alongside the Norwegian research, which highlights insufficient iodine status in the 416 women part of the study, there is also a study published in The Lancet, which states that 62% of pregnant women in the UK are deficient in iodine. 

With the main sources of iodine being dairy and white fish, many turn to artificial supplementation to get required iodine intake.  However, taking iodine supplementation only leading up to and during pregnancy can be harmful as opposed to getting from food-based sources, which includes seaweed as the only natural and vegan source of iodine. Download here our scientific review on Seaweed for Pregnancy.  

PureSea® seaweed ingredients have batch tested iodine levels. Furthermore, independent research has demonstrated that PureSea® seaweed has better sustained and safer release of iodine as opposed to artificial sources. The PureSea® range allows for the benefits of natural and whole-food iodine to be applied in any nutritional product, including product applications where taste and solubility are important. Visit PureSea® product page to learn more or contact us.