Product Highlight: PureWay-C™ for Immune Support

PureWay-C™ is a proprietary, proven form of vitamin C, documented with research studies (in-vitro and clinical trials) showing that it is rapidly absorbed and highly retained by the body.  In PureWay-C™, fatty acids act as ascorbic acid carriers to increase intestinal absorption and vascular distribution of Vitamin C, and enhance cellular uptake kinetics, which allows ascorbic acid to enter cells in a safe, quick and effective manner. This proprietary Vitamin C delivery process is what makes PureWay-C™ an effective, turnkey ingredient.

PureWay-C™ is a great and versatile ingredient for immune boosting formulations (tablets, capsules, softgels, sachets, liquid formulations and more) and allows all EFSA Approved Health Claims for Vitamin C.

PureWay-C ™ is GRAS-affirmed and stomach friendly. Discover all the advantages of this ingredient, scientific research and available grades. Visit our PureWay-C® dedicated page