Iodine: an essential nutrient for Cognitive Health.

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Providing the right nutrition for cognitive development and function is critical from foetal growth and all the way through life. Did you know that iodine is an essential nutrient supporting cognitive health?

Research shows that access to iodine in the diet was key to the evolution of the modern human brain as humans started to consume sources of iodine from seaweed and seafood 2.5million years ago, previously having very limited iodine intake. 

This need for iodine in cognitive function remains essential today. However, 50% of Europeans have issues of iodine deficiency, and the UK has levels of up 70% deficiency in some age groups.

Seaweeds offer the only natural, vegan source of iodine. PureSea® seaweed ingredients are standardised to iodine,  which allows health claims relating to iodine support to normal thyroid function and cognitive health.  

Thyroid hormones are essential for brain maturation, and for brain function throughout life. In adults, thyroid diseases can lead to various clinical manifestations. For example, hypothyroidism causes lethargy, hyporeflexia and poor motor coordination. Even subclinical hypothyroidism is often associated with memory impairment. Hypothyroidism is also associated to bipolar affective disorders, depression, or loss of cognitive functions, especially in the elderly. 

Independent research shows that PureSea® seaweed provides a more sustained release of iodine in the diet as compared to artificial supplementation. To learn more, please download the PureSea® Cognitive review here.

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