The role of Postbiotics on Immune Health

Featuring EpiCor®

Postbiotics are functional compounds, generated in a matrix during fermentation, which may be used to promote health. The term postbiotics can be considered an umbrella term for synonyms and related terms of microbial fermentation components1EpiCor® is a whole food fermentate, a postbiotic ingredient clinically shown to support the immune system and modulate and benefit the gut microbiota. 

Talking about the role of postbiotics and gut health, in an interview to Nutritional Outlook Dr  Justin Green Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs at Embria Health Sciences, explained: “Consumers are always looking for better ways to support their gut. And postbiotics don’t add more bugs to your system, they simply support the bacteria that you currently have, so we’re building on the story of the microbiome. The microbiome is something that scientists and consumers are interested in. Now, with postbiotics, they have a new option to support their gut with no side effects and additional health benefits such as immune strength”.

Backed by over 75 years of fermentation expertise, EpiCor® is made through a natural proprietary fermentation process that provides proteins, fibre, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, beta-glucans and other valuable metabolites, that work together to support the immune system and benefit th microbiota.

Inspired by a real-life health discovery and supported by eight published human clinical trials (cold/flu symptoms, allergies and rapid response, gut microbiota and better GI function) EpiCor® is a proven ingredient tested for safety in both human research studies and a dedicated published safety study.

Click here to learn more about EpiCor®. Moreoever, the interview by Nutritional Outlook to Dr Justin Green, Director of Scientific Affairs of Embria Health Sciences, is available from our download area to all registered customers.


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