New research on Vitafiber holds promise for Sports Nutrition.

A team of eleven researchers at a leading American university has concluded that a food bar containing whey protein and VitaFiberTM helps gym enthusiasts engaged in a range of high-performance workout exercises.

The study, which was published in a peer reviewed sports nutrition journal and listed on the National Institutes of Health clinical trial website, focused on nutritional sports bars – a major area of scientific and industry interest. The study’s purpose was to determine the glycemic and insulin reaction from eating the food bar compared to a standard dextrose preparation.

The researchers found there was some evidence that the food bar with VitaFiberTM may positively help maintain workout performance and lessen the perceptions of muscle soreness. The study also demonstrated that the food bar did not result in high variability in glucose and insulin levels, so athletes did not experience peaks and valleys. A common complaint with some energy products used by gym goers is they provide a rush and then a crash. Furthermore, it was found that the food bar provided an even level of energy.

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