What do you know about Sulphur?

A new independent review highlights the importance of sulphur in several body functions including support of connective tissue, skin health, detoxification, immunity, and metabolism. OptiMSM®, a scientifically proven, branded form of MSM, may have a role in providing the body an easily accessible pool of sulphur.

In human nutrition, sulphur is often only thought of as a constituent of well-known compounds like methionine and glutathione. This narrow view overlooks the multitude of physiological pathways in which sulphur plays a critical metabolic or structural role.

Since determining sulphur needs in the body is challenging, it is logical to focus on contributing to sulphur intake, especially with dietary supplementation. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is composed of sulphur, oxygen, and methyl groups and provides the body with an easily accessible pool of sulphur.

This independent review brings sulphur to the front stage, giving it recognition as an essential nutrient and allowing us to remember the link sulphur has with so many other critical nutrients and pathways.

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