Longvida®: New Human Clinical Trial on Healthy Neurocognitive Aging

Four years ago, researchers at Swinburne University conducted a study investigating the effects of Longvida® curcumin on cognition and mood in a healthy older population (aged 60-80). After 4 weeks of administration, they found that daily Longvida® (400 mg) supplementation led to significant improvements in cognitive function in as little as one hour. This 2015 "NutraIngredients Research of the Year" winner included measures for memory, attention, fatigue, stress, and mood and prompted researchers to evaluate cognitive impact after long term supplementation with a second study. The follow-up study aimed to determine whether similar effects were evident following 12 weeks of taking Longvida.


We are excited to share that the much-awaited results are in; according to Scholey et al., this follow-up study “confirms that Longvida® improves aspects of mood and working memory in a healthy older cohort”. The study is still awaiting publication but initial details can be read in the scientific summary, downloadable here.

The follow-up study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-groups trial with eighty participants aged 50-80. The test subjects were randomized to receive 400 mg/day of Longvida® or a matching placebo. After a baseline assessment, results were measured at 4 and 12 weeks. Cognitive performance, measures of mood, cardiovascular function, and various other blood biomarkers were assessed. Longvida® was well-tolerated with no severe adverse effects.

Compared with placebo, the Longvida® group demonstrated a number of improvements. These included mood effects such as decreased tension, anger, confusion, and total mood disturbance at 4 weeks, lower fatigue scores at both 4 and 12 weeks.  Working memory performance was also improved. The study leader Professor Andrew Scholey said “We should exercise some caution as the study hasn’t yet undergone full peer review (although the conference abstracts were peer reviewed). Nevertheless the results of our second trial broadly support and extend the effects of the first study. We are currently further examining the effects of Lonvida on hippocampal fundtioning.” 

Scholey et al. also concluded that Longvida® may hold promise for “alleviating cognitive decline in some populations.” This study provides additional support for Longvida’s efficacy to promote healthy aging, and the full publication is eagerly anticipated sometime this year. Kristen Marshall, Marketing Coordinator – Verdure Sciences, said, “We are so excited to see additional support of Longvida’s efficacious capabilities to promote cognitive health and overall well-being. It is very impressive to see a second clinical trial by an astounding group of researchers conclusively support Longvida’s impact on cognitive biomarkers and influence on health.”

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